Thy Race of Headless Chickens

Everyday he gets up and gets ready to run the race. This is a simple story of an average person now a days. The race he runs don’t lead him anywhere, eventually he ends up at the same place every time. We run like headless chickens without any sense of direction. This is a common phenomenon that we run with all our might but end up nowhere. The big question is why do we do this to ourselves? Perhaps we are unaware of what is happening or we are too ignorant of the fact.

We are gaining nothing in this pursuit besides we are losing a lot. We are losing our smiles, losing our people and the most we are losing on human values. We have turned so reckless and ignorant that we tend to overlook the emotions and sentiments of those who are around. Though our nature has been kind to us in many ways, as our actions has only worsen the condition of nature. Still she has tried to maintain the balance but the day is not far when she will change side and punish us for our deeds. This race of success, money and power is making the world mad and this madness is only causing us to perform actions that are only harmful to ourselves. Being self obsessed is a new phenomenon that has replaced humanity. We are humans but perhaps we are now just a shadow of our past as we are more interested in money and less in smiles, we seems to care less about the things that used to be important to us once. Perhaps humanity has lost its innocence to the sheen of power. Its good to pursue our endeavours but the pursuit should not so reckless that we overlook our surroundings and let it fall apart. If this happens then one might be successful in his endeavours but he will be a failure in life. What is the meaning of the success that is attained at the cost of our people and values.

This is high time that one need to analyse its actions and change its approach towards life. Else the day is not far when we might have everything but still end up nowhere in this world. Life is not about how much you earn or how high you go on ladder of success its about how many smiles you have distributed and the number or people you have connected with. There is no need to run like headless chickens, we must have sense of direction and responsibility.

The choice is yours to be what you want to be,
But choose the path that leads you where you meant to be.
There are no clauses so perform the actions that you want to,
But choose the ones that are supposed to be chosen.
The choice is yours to be what you want to be,
But choose the path that leads you where you meant to be.


The Ocean of Dreams

Amidst all these worldly desires, there is a scared space which can been seen at the horizon where everything submerges and becomes one from many. The place where there is an ocean of dreams, which fulfill every desire and consists of many broken dreams. Reality fades away in the dimensions of time as there is coexistence of converses in the parallel universes. Present looses its significance between deeds of the past and visions of the future. Such is the beauty of the ocean of dreams.

Deeper you go higher you rise, as the mystery of the depths seems to open the windows for hope. The broken pieces of soul assemble themselves as the emotions one sense sings the symphony of jubilation. Creator of world is this ocean of dreams, which loses the significance when faced with reality. The knowledge of abstract surrounds this world but here are we completely ignorant of that. Its poetic & selfless contribution goes unnoticed as worldly materialism thumps its chest boasting of its attainments. These dreams runs too deep into the veins of this world of concrete. What ever we are was once a dream, it is only dreams in the foundation of this empire. Just close your eyes and let it flow as you never know what might come out and show. Such is the beauty of the ocean of dreams. Never let a dream die as out of the blue it might come and save you.

we seldom take a walk in distant dream land, but when ever we do, we realize it was not in vain!
the slumber of night drags our feet but there is something inside which takes the heat..!!
there is this road which doesn’t seems to end, still we hope of a distant fairy land..!!
too many clauses restricts the flow, are you ready to break free and take the blow!!
millions of dreams laying dead across the path do we have it in us to pick one and put it in our heart..!!
a sense of realizations digs deeper in the heart or its the lack of direction which tears us apart..!!
its a long road back home, do you have it in you to walk all alone…
we seldom take a walk in distant dream land, but when ever we do we realise it was not in vain!!!

The World of Naysayers

23/03/2016 – a regular day in Delhi metro, where people seemed unaware of the significance of the day in the history of our country. Though many of our readers might have to Google to know about the importance of the day. Well this is not the topic of the discussion.

Two gentlemen conversing and the topic is government. The most common topic that we have been discussing since ages, from a tea stall to dinner table this topic seems to work .
P1 – well this government won’t be able to do well in upcoming UP elections.

P2 – ( seemed a bit shaken by the statement, perhaps a follower of currently prevailing government) No as far as i am concerned this is not the case.

P1 – They don’t have a face in UP who can save them. ( well gentleman we vote a person for his work not for his face value)

P2 – Might be the case but as far as i can see this is a good government.

P1 – What good government this a government of Facebook & Twitter.

Conversation ends, perhaps they have to deboard the train and this discussion has helped them to digest their heavy breakfast.
We have an habit of criticism, perhaps its human nature or our society has developed this useless habit with a period of time. This current generation of Naysayers spreads pessimism in society and this is like an epidemic it can go out of bound anytime. The approach of being pessimistic does no good to anyone, it only hampers the way we think and affects what ever constructive nature one have.
Well the discussion about government, higher authorities are common and its a common practice to criticize them. Though we tend to be unaware of the fact that the particular government is there because of the people’s mandate and it has been chosen democratically. So being a citizen its our right to judge the actions of the government but developing a habit of being a naysayers is not good in longer run. Criticism often leads nowhere but when we talk of improvement and growth it can take a country leaps and bounds.
We are so engrossed in ourselves that we are least bothered about the things happening around us and even after that we don’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to criticism. We the mobile generation is so much lost in our social networks platforms that we have lost the sense of real conversation and connection with the world. Perhaps we must take some break and try to reconnect to the world which has always been there for us. We must face the truth and talk of change and growth rather then to live a lie and be a naysayer.

Mother of All Mothers – The Motherland

From the morning sun till the evening dawn, who thinks of us is only you.
The food , the water, the air we get is all because you are there to cater.

We sit under shade of your love, dream of the day that someday if we could pay back.

(A Soldier’s dream)

When a child is born it lands up into motherly hands of her biological mother,who showers unprecedented love and care. But we often tend to forget that the birth not only create our association with all these worldly relations but also an eternal relation with the land in which he is born into. This motherland takes care of all her children equally, she does not discriminate on caste,creed or color. she feeds all from rich to poor, from saint to criminal but never asks a single question. Being selfish and self centered we often tend to forget our duties. Perhaps some day she might need us and we might not have any answer at that particular point because we have always been mean.

Then there are a few people who are always ready and waiting for a chance to prove there love for the motherland. The superheros of country they are, who sit on the fence in the most toughest terrains and challenging climatic conditions. But they never complain, and look at us we sit in our air conditioned homes complaining about every other thing. Is it necessary to be in love with your motherland or its just an hypothetical concept that is only followed by a few fools who are always ready to lay down there lives? Its answer lies with in our hearts as we all know this freedom is hard earned,it was earned with a lot of blood shed and it takes more to sustain the same. its not extremism or nationalism to be ready to die for your country but its just a way of showing gratitude to your motherland who has never asked one for anything.

she is the one she is the one who has always been there when you were undone,

her soul resides in you even you don’t know her presence, come the day she needs you,

be a man and repay her with all you have, for she has ever done. oh!! she is no one else but your Motherland.

The Hunger For More

Since the evolution of human race there has been a constant hunger for getting more and more. In prehistoric times kings evaded other regions to attain power, wealth ,women. What we have always thrived for is materialistic pleasures which can fulfill our insatiable thirst. This materialism has been one of the biggest reason of the huge social divide that exists in our society. Now things seems to be out of control as the gap between the poor and the rich has widened to the greatest extent.
God created every one equal but the moment a child is born its fate is virtually decided by the type of family it has born into. And it gets hard for the small kid to develop mindset which is different from his family or society which he belongs to. We often miss the bigger picture in this whole process. There is a huge difference between what we want and what we need. But there is always a hunger chasing the “Wants” and the moment we start running in this race we leave everything behind. That too because our wants are never ending as our desire to get more and more never ends. So the small kid is now a grown up running in the race of wants – what do his family wants? what does he want? what do the society wants? and in the end he forgets that he merely need a little of what ever he has ever wanted. we have lost the touch of humanity because we are so engrossed in ourselves that we are not bothered about the misery of others. Even Darwin could not have predicted this sort of survival instincts of homosapians, where we look down upon everything that has been created by nature and think of its self superior to everyone. The hunger for power has driven us crazy  to the extent that we are on the verge of blowing-up ourselves. where this narcissism leads to? The answer is nowhere, then what is the point of leading ourselves into this situation.
Perhaps someday we might be able to differentiate between need and desire and make this world a better place to live. Some day we might be able to love freely and hate miserly ,some day we will be able to accommodate everyone in our heart which we often underestimate. Perhaps someday this hunger for GOLD will turn in to hunger for GOOD. Someday….