Mother of All Mothers – The Motherland

From the morning sun till the evening dawn, who thinks of us is only you.
The food , the water, the air we get is all because you are there to cater.

We sit under shade of your love, dream of the day that someday if we could pay back.

(A Soldier’s dream)

When a child is born it lands up into motherly hands of her biological mother,who showers unprecedented love and care. But we often tend to forget that the birth not only create our association with all these worldly relations but also an eternal relation with the land in which he is born into. This motherland takes care of all her children equally, she does not discriminate on caste,creed or color. she feeds all from rich to poor, from saint to criminal but never asks a single question. Being selfish and self centered we often tend to forget our duties. Perhaps some day she might need us and we might not have any answer at that particular point because we have always been mean.

Then there are a few people who are always ready and waiting for a chance to prove there love for the motherland. The superheros of country they are, who sit on the fence in the most toughest terrains and challenging climatic conditions. But they never complain, and look at us we sit in our air conditioned homes complaining about every other thing. Is it necessary to be in love with your motherland or its just an hypothetical concept that is only followed by a few fools who are always ready to lay down there lives? Its answer lies with in our hearts as we all know this freedom is hard earned,it was earned with a lot of blood shed and it takes more to sustain the same. its not extremism or nationalism to be ready to die for your country but its just a way of showing gratitude to your motherland who has never asked one for anything.

she is the one she is the one who has always been there when you were undone,

her soul resides in you even you don’t know her presence, come the day she needs you,

be a man and repay her with all you have, for she has ever done. oh!! she is no one else but your Motherland.


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