The World of Naysayers

23/03/2016 – a regular day in Delhi metro, where people seemed unaware of the significance of the day in the history of our country. Though many of our readers might have to Google to know about the importance of the day. Well this is not the topic of the discussion.

Two gentlemen conversing and the topic is government. The most common topic that we have been discussing since ages, from a tea stall to dinner table this topic seems to work .
P1 – well this government won’t be able to do well in upcoming UP elections.

P2 – ( seemed a bit shaken by the statement, perhaps a follower of currently prevailing government) No as far as i am concerned this is not the case.

P1 – They don’t have a face in UP who can save them. ( well gentleman we vote a person for his work not for his face value)

P2 – Might be the case but as far as i can see this is a good government.

P1 – What good government this a government of Facebook & Twitter.

Conversation ends, perhaps they have to deboard the train and this discussion has helped them to digest their heavy breakfast.
We have an habit of criticism, perhaps its human nature or our society has developed this useless habit with a period of time. This current generation of Naysayers spreads pessimism in society and this is like an epidemic it can go out of bound anytime. The approach of being pessimistic does no good to anyone, it only hampers the way we think and affects what ever constructive nature one have.
Well the discussion about government, higher authorities are common and its a common practice to criticize them. Though we tend to be unaware of the fact that the particular government is there because of the people’s mandate and it has been chosen democratically. So being a citizen its our right to judge the actions of the government but developing a habit of being a naysayers is not good in longer run. Criticism often leads nowhere but when we talk of improvement and growth it can take a country leaps and bounds.
We are so engrossed in ourselves that we are least bothered about the things happening around us and even after that we don’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to criticism. We the mobile generation is so much lost in our social networks platforms that we have lost the sense of real conversation and connection with the world. Perhaps we must take some break and try to reconnect to the world which has always been there for us. We must face the truth and talk of change and growth rather then to live a lie and be a naysayer.

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