The Ocean of Dreams

Amidst all these worldly desires, there is a scared space which can been seen at the horizon where everything submerges and becomes one from many. The place where there is an ocean of dreams, which fulfill every desire and consists of many broken dreams. Reality fades away in the dimensions of time as there is coexistence of converses in the parallel universes. Present looses its significance between deeds of the past and visions of the future. Such is the beauty of the ocean of dreams.

Deeper you go higher you rise, as the mystery of the depths seems to open the windows for hope. The broken pieces of soul assemble themselves as the emotions one sense sings the symphony of jubilation. Creator of world is this ocean of dreams, which loses the significance when faced with reality. The knowledge of abstract surrounds this world but here are we completely ignorant of that. Its poetic & selfless contribution goes unnoticed as worldly materialism thumps its chest boasting of its attainments. These dreams runs too deep into the veins of this world of concrete. What ever we are was once a dream, it is only dreams in the foundation of this empire. Just close your eyes and let it flow as you never know what might come out and show. Such is the beauty of the ocean of dreams. Never let a dream die as out of the blue it might come and save you.

we seldom take a walk in distant dream land, but when ever we do, we realize it was not in vain!
the slumber of night drags our feet but there is something inside which takes the heat..!!
there is this road which doesn’t seems to end, still we hope of a distant fairy land..!!
too many clauses restricts the flow, are you ready to break free and take the blow!!
millions of dreams laying dead across the path do we have it in us to pick one and put it in our heart..!!
a sense of realizations digs deeper in the heart or its the lack of direction which tears us apart..!!
its a long road back home, do you have it in you to walk all alone…
we seldom take a walk in distant dream land, but when ever we do we realise it was not in vain!!!


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