Thy Race of Headless Chickens

Everyday he gets up and gets ready to run the race. This is a simple story of an average person now a days. The race he runs don’t lead him anywhere, eventually he ends up at the same place every time. We run like headless chickens without any sense of direction. This is a common phenomenon that we run with all our might but end up nowhere. The big question is why do we do this to ourselves? Perhaps we are unaware of what is happening or we are too ignorant of the fact.

We are gaining nothing in this pursuit besides we are losing a lot. We are losing our smiles, losing our people and the most we are losing on human values. We have turned so reckless and ignorant that we tend to overlook the emotions and sentiments of those who are around. Though our nature has been kind to us in many ways, as our actions has only worsen the condition of nature. Still she has tried to maintain the balance but the day is not far when she will change side and punish us for our deeds. This race of success, money and power is making the world mad and this madness is only causing us to perform actions that are only harmful to ourselves. Being self obsessed is a new phenomenon that has replaced humanity. We are humans but perhaps we are now just a shadow of our past as we are more interested in money and less in smiles, we seems to care less about the things that used to be important to us once. Perhaps humanity has lost its innocence to the sheen of power. Its good to pursue our endeavours but the pursuit should not so reckless that we overlook our surroundings and let it fall apart. If this happens then one might be successful in his endeavours but he will be a failure in life. What is the meaning of the success that is attained at the cost of our people and values.

This is high time that one need to analyse its actions and change its approach towards life. Else the day is not far when we might have everything but still end up nowhere in this world. Life is not about how much you earn or how high you go on ladder of success its about how many smiles you have distributed and the number or people you have connected with. There is no need to run like headless chickens, we must have sense of direction and responsibility.

The choice is yours to be what you want to be,
But choose the path that leads you where you meant to be.
There are no clauses so perform the actions that you want to,
But choose the ones that are supposed to be chosen.
The choice is yours to be what you want to be,
But choose the path that leads you where you meant to be.

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