The Realm of Spirituality

The search for god has been one of the trickiest quests since ages and the approach or path to reach him has been different for every one who has been looking for him. So many religions have so many different paths to reach the one. The unawareness of the fact that he is one has lead to conflicts among all faiths. They are unable to understand or perhaps they don’t want to face the truth that god is not a book, a stone idol or any other thing but he is actually us.

He resides in every living being, he is the free will of nature, he is the feeling of freedom and love. He know no boundaries no restrictions, he resides in the realm of spirituality a place where everyone is allowed, a place where there is no religion no discrimination. He resides in good that is why good is so close to god. He prefer no religion, he does not create divide. He only has one principle that is of unity and brotherhood. If we try to look closely then he can be seen in every living being, the glitter in those eyes justifies the presence of the one thy name is God. We look out for him every where in the world but we often forget to look within ourselves and that is where he is often found.

Religions were meant to unite people but our wrong interpretation of the same has created a divide in the society. People trying to save the religion which was supposed to save them from extinction. They fail to realise that religion and faith is stronger then any society when it is feed with love and affection and it gets weak when hatred creeps in. So those who think that this extremism will lead to a better world then they are so wrong. Spirituality is what that runs in the core of every religion and it says everyone is equally loved by him irrespective of cast, creed or religion. He sees himself in everyone of us so better be a good picture of him. A little good can lead to god who knows. They day we know ourselves and the day we understood his patterns and creations that will be that day when one will be the one to be with the ONE.


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