The success in Failures

“He was hurt, he was broken and he continuously failed but he stood his ground and prevailed.” Its not about being successful always its about how gracefully one takes his failures. Everyone has to face it at one point or another as one can not always win or be successful. Even the greatest of grates have failed but they sustained , they fought and in the end they prevailed.
So many efforts to attain a moment of happiness where one feels content with himself but he tends to forget a journey comes with experiences of its own. As its never about the destination its about the moments in between. So why not celebrate each one of them be it success or failure. With each failure one gets stronger and rise above those who haven’t faced it yet. “Higher you go harder you hit the ground, harder you hit the ground the higher you go” thus success and failures go hand in hand why not love both of them equally, why hate failure so much that he suffer all alone. So much drama all around but a few audience to enjoy it, we try to hard to get something and virtually forget to live our lives ending up exhausted and drained.
The one who hasn’t failed hasn’t lived, the one who hasn’t fall hasn’t risen. Its is easy to be a successful man but it is tough to be a successful failure. Its a fight which is inevitable so fight it with all your might, some time you will win and some time you will lose but in the end its all a game of life. He wants to make you a better man a better human so only he put you through tougher circumstance. Our failures changes our perspective to look it takes away those rosy glasses and makes one familiar to the real world. One is able to connect to him and his people easily, as they sit on the common ground.
Its all about being a graceful loser but a tough competitor as the one who never backs down, who never let himself down. The one who always keeps his feet grounded and head held up high. The success is sweet only because of the bitterness of the failure, so never stop trying due to fear of failure as what comes in end will always be unexpected. The day will come when everything will fall to place and you will realise that every failure was for a reason. Its the nature’s efforts that are trying to bring balance to the  world always and you are performing the balancing act now and then.
Celebrate the moment of failure you never know that it could act as a catalyst to change the course of your life. keep trying and never back down

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