The Creator’s Challenge

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान् निबोधत!! ( Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached). He only knows his will but he will keep on testing us just to keep us involved in the process. Everyday he throws a new challenge to us and we think of it as miseries that he is putting us into. Its the difference of perspectives that we share with him. He has his own ways to prepare us for next level.

Its not only us but whole nature faces the challenges thrown by the creator. Some faces hunger, some faces death, some succeed, some fail and some give up. Nature has learned to fight and to be flexible enough to adapt according to any challenge that is thrown at it, but we humans the most dominating species has been so stringent to changes. We tend to remain in our comfort zones and don’t care that our obsession for being comfortable is hampering our natural survival instincts. He wants us to grow intellectually with the growth of the surroundings. There is an impeccable balance in the nature which to be maintained and it can only sustain when we do what we are supposed to do. We are not supposed to win and conquer all but we are supposed to fight side by side survive with all.

Wake up and seek your goal, don’t be afraid to fall as its not about how fast you do it , its about how well you do it with maximum learning. We need to learn at every step of life, do not judge everything by failure or success as some fights are need to fought just for the sake of learning. Nothing belongs to you not even you soul so what you are crying for? Live a life which is worth living for, which is dedicated to his creations. He will keep throwing challenges at you and your job is to face them gracefully and always be ready for the next one. Then someday you will realise that everything that you have faced have only made you stronger and better.

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