The Language of Silence

He stood there just staring at her, not a word spoken but it all flowed through her eyes. The words of silence filled the surrounding as if a book was written in a moment of time. We never needed words to express, a smile is more then enough. Language creates barriers where as there is one which shatters all.

The sound of nature has lost itself amidst the noise of this world. Too much noise has been killing the slumber of night, the dreams getting louder and louder. The peace of mind lost to daily humdrum of life, that smile has become rare perhaps it has extinct some where in there. So many languages to communicate but no real communication happen, no connection develops and it is all just words. Lives has become comfortable but somewhere it has lost its sheen of being a life, as we are too much engrossed in ourselves to look up and do something worth living for. Sometime we need to surrender ourselves to the nature and let her guide us and take us into the serine world that she owns.

The power of silence is under rated, it is way more powerful then any other language. Some things  are not meant to be said they are meant to be felt, the best way to communicate feelings is to let it flow in silence. Its the symphony of silence which empowers the world, it is in the backdrop of music that the nature creates. It is better to be silent and listen to your heart rather then keep on running with no sense of direction at all because silence often help us find answers of the questions that have been troubling us for long. Let the trance be your guide for life and let the silence creep in perhaps then you will be able to hear and feel the nature well. As everything will extinct with in a span of time and the silence will still prevail.

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