Its all in the mind

The stories of success and failures are common now a days, they are being marketed as a scale of measurement of performance in the society. Everyone seems to compare themselves on the criteria set by others and feel down about themselves. The vision is being blocked by the parameters surrounding our thinking which is one the major cause of mental bondage.

We can often find people amongst us who are always grieving for one reason or another and if we go in depth non of them will be justified. The only cause of them is the human mind which tends to overprocess one information and get one into the sink hole of sorrows. Its all in ones mind to get what he want, to be what he want to be there is no one in this world who can judge you better then you yourself. Its not the world who will you the reasons to be happy its on us where we find it and how. Life is not about achieving targets its about pursuing your ambitions, laughing open heartedly and falling in love. Life is not a 100 meter dash where we have to put our all out effort to reach the finish line its like a marathon where one has to be mentally strong to reach the finish line. One need not to think too much and get exhausted instead play cool and enjoy. There is no success or failures, there are only phases through which everyone must go through. The more you enjoy the heat of adversity the happier you will be in life.

Its our mind which is saddened or overjoyed on the occurrence of any event but one must train the brain so that he can remain neutral and can see through every phase of life. A true yogi is the one who neither feels the pain nor pleasure, the one who is neither overjoyed nor saddened, he just believes in doing what must be done. The moment one is able to find the balance between emotions and actions he attains the state of self actualization, where nothing can affect you. Its on us how we want to live no body has the right to tell us the way to live. So its better to choose your own path rather then trying to run on the trail set by someone else, you never know what you might find in the depths of the unknown. What ever you may find but the experience will always remain with you which will help you see through the phases of life. Its always better to chase your dreams rather then trying to live the life that other wants you to live.

Your salvation lies with in you its only the matter of finding