The Theories of If’s and But’s

“If i had more money I would have been happier.”  I wish to be an artist but what would society think of me?” Many on these questions often surrounds a normal person through out his life. His decisions are influenced by all sorts of if’s and buts, which makes him end up doing something that he never wanted to do or become something that he never wanted to be.

We humans have been endowed with the most creative and analytical brain of all species alive on this earth. Though this brain does more harm then good at times, it tends to overthink and create scenarios of its own quite often. we often fall in the trap of what if analysis where we tend to think too much before performing any action. Our decisions are influenced by the old and orthodox structure of the society which still prevails. Where we forget to realize that a wrong decision can cause ripples in our lives, though it might seems to be logically correct but a logical decision is not always the right decision. We are never taught to follow our hearts, here we are supposed to do actions which are right according to the benchmarks set ages ago. We often fail to realize that we have made the society its not the other way round.

When we try to look into the eyes  of people whom we meet daily we will find that they carry a dream, a desire to be something else that they are not. We are often fascinated by the lives of others and try to replicate them or just feel bad about us and our condition. Then we enters into the vicious circle of ifs and buts and think less of ourselves which is absolutely wrong. Every individual is different and there journey is also different. We must choose our path rather then trying to replicate the success story of others. Life is not about performance its about feeling good, its not about the amount of money one earn its about number of friends we earn, its not about how long one lives its about how well he lived it and its never about taking from the world its about what we have given to the world. Never let the theories of ifs and buts influence you, just follow your heart as its never about gain or lose its about the experience. Its better to be something in this world rather then trying to be something that you are not.

Carry the dream that is only yours, so that even if you fail you are left with no remorse.

So many hurdles in the way, but have faith as they will move away.

Embrace thy love that nature showers, there might be thorns but they won’t always hover.

To many clauses will always surround, but do you have it in you to break free and go against the flow.

Carry the dream that is only yours, so that even if you fail you are left with no remorse

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