Biology of Faith

“Faith” is one the most powerful and under rated word in the dictionary. It is something which enables one to face toughest challenges and absence of which cripples even the thought process of living being. We humans presumes ourselves as the superior most species on the earth but faith governs all without discrimination.

The question arises, how much powerful actually faith is? Does it really fuels life on earth? Or its just a word which do not have any importance. Well its just a matter of perception or an individual point of view. Its completely how one look at things and how one feel about his surroundings. Faith can make you do things which are often thought to be too tough to be done or even impossible at times. Its only faith that enables a handicapped guy to climb the mount Everest. Its is only his faith and perseverance that has made him do things which were thought to be beyond his capabilities. Its only hope and faith which enables a wilder beast to put effort to save itself from deadly grip of a tiger. Nature has empowered every single living being with a will to live and fight though we being most intelligent species we have learnt to go against our true nature and at times we tend to lose hope and give up.

Its only faith that enables us to hope for a new day and a new beginning. Everyday is a new start and it comes with new possibilities, its just a matter of faith. Ones vision must not be blocked by adverse circumstances its just a matter of time when the mist will clear and he would be able to see the bigger picture. When its gloomy and hazy it does not mean that its going to like that for ever actually its nature’s way of preparing itself to make sunshine brighter then ever.

If its not good then its definitely not the end because in the end everything fits in with a happy ending. Its just the matter of time and its only faith that can make one to be positive during trying times. So have faith and be hopeful always.


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