The Power of Giving

With the clenched fists he stands at the prime of his life, but still emptiness lies with in. It doesn’t seem to leave him despite him being left with no desires to fulfill any more. The question still remains unanswered, the cause still remains unknown. This thirst doesn’t seems to end for him and all he is left with is the materialism that he pursued through out his life. At the verge of breakdown he was, then the lightning strikes and he starts to introspect for the reason of hi undefined emptiness. The reality brings him down to the floor as he realized that he has only been taking from this world. Our so called achiever has only been a beggar through out his life, always asking for one thing or another without being generous enough to even smile at the people who has been the ladder for his success.

This society of ours teaches us to run towards the goals which are drawn from physical and materialistic pleasures and we tend to follow it like a heard of sheep who have no sense of direction and individualism. We are so engrossed in gathering that we fail to realize that actual happiness lies in giving. Be it name, fame or money, nothing can give us what a simple smile might. This nature is all about giving without expecting any thing in return. A kind and considerate heart worth millions in comparison to a body worth millions but with an inconsiderate heart. We have often been taught to look for ” whats in it for me?” The day we abandon this theory and approach the world with both hands wide open the story will change. There will be no more gloomy days, no more sleepless nights, no more haunted dreams, no more blank inside.

The fists are now open with the hands spread wide.

He stands at the horizon with the vision of his life.

The ocean of feelings now filled his heart, he stands with the people now no more out classed.

The emptiness is gone and he has lost all his fright, he stand among the people with all his might.

Nor god saved him, neither devil won the fight, it was the power of giving that showed him the light.

Open your heart as its never too late, let it come to you and leave everything to fate.

Its the law of attraction that binds us together, its the power of giving that makes the bond stronger!!


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