The Beauty of Simplicity

When I look at you I wish to see as I perceive you to be, thy vision of me goes beyond the world’s capability.

The winds from the sea brings such extacy, as the hidden prophecy has came to visit me.

The beauty in the rain droplets making the sound is that it creates a havoc on empty grounds.

The deeper you go the better it is, as the beauty of life is that it seeks a wanderer species.

The silence of the sea has deafening sound, all it takes is a vision which can look the other way round.

Thy hindrance in the thought comes from the tussle, better make a truce rather then struggle.

Animal with in is there to set free, tame it such that it never drags you down.

The beauty of the abstract is that it becomes what you want it to be, but it takes a man to draw out of its simplicity.

There is no god who can control thee, perhaps all he wants you to become all you perceive to be.

The horizon is there to make you see, only the world which you are meant to see. Thy vision is required which goes beyond the capability.

The beauty you draw from the vision of the night is that it makes the sun to be seen more bright.

I picture of you in dawn at the sea but the winds sings in my ears that’s not how you are supposed to be!!

The promises are vague and the words are false, signs are truth that unveil all.

Things are complex which look simpler to be, and there lies a hidden simplicity in the things complex then thee.

When I look at you I wish to see as I perceive you to be!!

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