World and Its Religious Extremism

“Religion” a word which is used more often then ever now a days. Though the reasons are not justified most of the times. When the God created this earth he had nothing in his mind except to create a world where everyone lives in harmony and peace. We can confidently say that everything is present here except harmony and peace. Then came the religion which divided humans in communities with similar faiths and believes.

Nobody knows the actual origin of the concept of religion though everyone has their own story about it. Prime focus of religion was to bring people with similar faiths together and unite them to diminish  boundaries among them. Though this focus seems to have diverted from its main course and now world is on a different journey all together. Humans have been endowed with a developed brain and all it has done is more harm then good. We have waged wars on the people of our own just because of the difference in faiths or the difference in religious practices. It seems that we have forgotten the real journey of being alive is to make life easier for the people around. Despite we are just following the path of a distorted vision which is hampering the founding thoughts of a religion. This world seems so much concerned about the preaching of some ancient scriptures which are perhaps the outcome of some vivid visions.

The perception of a religion varies from person to person, it actually depends on the capability of understanding of that particular individual. But still we blindly follow the path shown by an individual to seek our spiritual bliss. It is never suggested in any religion to disrespect or demean the other, though we often try to prove ours superior to others. The concept which evolved years ago with a vision of removing boundaries, have now poisoned the minds of people creating havoc and insecurity in this world. Death is not scary but the death of humanity is what puts the world at danger.

The nature tries to keep the world together , we must not let our religious extremism tear it apart. It’s a home for million’s of species and we have no right to destroy this world just because of the difference in the thoughts or way of looking at things. The real spiritual journey will start only when we learn to accept the world as it is rather then trying to make it as we ourselves are. A global vision and an open mindset is all what we need to maintain the peace and harmony that the God has always wanted.


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