Acute Loneliness

“People people every where but not a single one to talk.” This is the reality of our digital world now a days. One can often find himself alone in this ever expending society. The crowd is increasing but the connection is constantly decreasing. The real conversation is losing to the virtual one, the world seems to be diverting from the path and traveling a different one all together .

He created the world with a vision of creating a place where all being will live with love and prosperity. Though at some level we have been successful in attaining prosperity but we are definitely losing on the part of love. People have no real friends but they chase for friends on virtual platforms. We are so engrossed in our lives that we bother less about having a real conversation. Table discussions have been replaced by group discussions happening on our cellphones. And then there are people in this world who go unnoticed, ignored because of the lack of human interaction and communication. The cases of depression and low self esteem have increased and the only reason behind that is the solitude one suffers behind these virtual walls. The tenderness of the touch of the fingertips have lost to constant clicking sounds. Our ignorance is costing lives of the people, as a few who are not good at socializing doesn’t even get a chance to socialize either. A fear of acute loneliness surround everyone and there comes the urge of being connected always. Self love has turned into narcissism, we have lost the art of appreciation somewhere in the journey of self love.

This world is a very beautiful place and it would be even better if we can stay in love with it. There is nothing that can replace a drink with an old friend. The real world is outside the parameter of the virtual one. It’s never too late to realize and connect with the world, as the soul of the world lies in its creation.

More I look at you more I fall in love with you.

With open hands I stand at horizon with no end.

The silence of the night is deafening to the heights, more I listen to it more I fall in love with you.

You are so majestic that one can hardly avoid, oh ! My beautiful world more I look at you more I fall in love with you!!


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