The Life of Sadhus

The facts which are hidden or less known often create an aura of suspension around them which entice people of curious nature. They often travel a long way just to discover the hidden truth and get enlighten by confronting the reality. These are the people who choose a road which is less traveled by, their entire existence depends on the truth they wish to face. It is easy when one wish to unveil the truth on the basis of evidence but it gets tougher to get enlightened when one starts chasing the truth which is obvious. Such is the life of sages who virtually ignore their existence for this world to attain spiritual delight.

The divine ignorance to the materialism that the world offers allows them to attain a state of bliss and self actualization. They rise above the people who have contrasting faiths and beliefs by accepting the reality of oneness. Sadhus coexist with the world but they differ all together in their vision, their curiosity to seek depths of spiritualism allows them to have the luxury to see things differently. We all are concerned about so many things like food, house, money and the list goes on whereas when one looks at things from there perspective the whole scenario changes dynamically. The keepers of materialism fail to entice you and then you realize the real face of the world is completely different from your perception.

It is easy to coexist with the world and being in spiritual bliss as it’s just matter of difference in vision. As rightly said in the Geeta that you are required to be at your place and perform your duties while accepting the fact of being one with the nature. It’s the course of the time that will tell your fate but it’s the actions you perform will decide your place. It is often presumed that meditation is done by closing of eyes getting disconnected from the world but the actual meditation happen by being connected to the world and inner self simultaneously, where one can see beyond the things and accept the world with an open heart. Meager realization of this simple fact can change the course and help one attain mental peace with spiritual bliss.


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