The Art of Being Stupid

It’s a world of Newtons and Einsteins, it’s a place where intelligence is worshiped above all human traits. Those who are endowed with it have a higher place in the society and always looked up to. It’s a world of the rising sun and people with big ambitions. Amidst all this intelligence world has lost the art of stupidity, which was once found in abundance.

Since the childhood every child is taught to be intelligent or at least try to be one. More often then not our system discourage mistakes and tries to draw a perfect path for upbringing of kids. we are never taught to be stupid and curious which actually overpower the real human instincts of being experimental. It was only curious nature which has been the catalyst of many great discoveries. There is no fun in learning without trying things out of curiosity though which is often termed as stupidity initially. Society always disapproves the ways which are not by the book or often way beyond the thinking capability of their era. Many great scientists and thinkers faced the same when they chose not to be slaves of the ancient ways. It’s the art of stupidity which has sailed world through tough times, a stupid solider laid down his life for the sake of those who are unknown to him. It’s only stupidity which adds spice to life, it’s only a stupid lover who travels across the world just to have a look at his beloved. And it’s only love that has made world to stick around.

Today scenario is such that being stupid is a lost art in this world of intellectuals. Perhaps we are so blinded by glory that we have completely forgotten the fun of being childish. We must never forget one great saying that to be old and wise one must be first young and stupid. Stay stupid stay young!!

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