Unhappy Perfectionists

World economy is blooming and money is flowing from all corners. we have more resources then ever, lives are luxurious and pleasurable for most of us. Everything is just a click away, one doesn’t need to go and visit market as everything is delivered at your doorstep. Dating is just a matter of right swipe, matches are based on the similarities of likes and dislikes. People don’t socialize much now a days, they have limited friends whom they hardly meet. Despite all these world is unhappy, dissatisfied and depressed.

The meager concept of perfection has lead to huge dissatisfaction among the generation of this new millennia. This is the world which market perfect skin, perfect body, perfect relationships and we all are delusionalised by all these theories. Despite being so resourceful we are less happier and less healthier then the generation of our parents. Perhaps too many options have actually blinded our capability to choose. Everybody seems to be in a hurry to reach nowhere and this is leading towards a new level of anxiety. There is a neighborhood guy who has a start-up at the age of 25 , he played guitar and drums like fish. We try and replicate his actions and be like him while losing own individuality. Lives are lived on social media rather then people actually living them.

We eat less, we sleep less, we live less. This world on new thinking and vision is perhaps taking too much out of people. we all want to be like that neighborhood guy and it’s only us that are exposing ourselves to stress and anxiety. We must return to old ways and have a little more fun in lives rather then chasing the golden goose. Life is not about cut throat competition, it’s not about acquiring tones of money and it’s definitely not about living the life which is trying to mirror the lives of others. Life is all about accepting the imperfections and laying your own path.

we often strive for motivation to live but we forget that all lies only with in us, your redemption lies within you, your questions can only be answered by you. It’s only you who can raise yourself when you bite the dust.“It’s the dust which makes us all, at times it’s good to make a fall.”


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