Winter Morning

Its the winter morning with the hazy sky, I look at the star which lie in your eye.

Breeze is cold and fog still hold, what I cant see is the sun shine bright and high.

Slumber of the night still hasn’t left, still I can feel thy silence have been theft.

Warmth of the wind has changed to chill, but the strength of the man hasn’t yet given up and he is ready to take up the hill.

He stopped for a second to have a lot at the sky, all he could feel is the wind which gave him a high.

Flory of thoughts Crowded his mind, a distant memory and cold wind just stiffened his spine.

Thy silence of the morning made it sound louder, all he could do is listen to the memory song and squeeze his shroud tighter.

He opened his arms to embrace the truth, it flowed through him while leaving him enlightened from head to foot.

The joy of the life took the back seat, when truth struck him he did take a hit.

Coldness of the wind suddenly hit the wrong tune, old wounds opened up and agoney brought him to he ruins.

Pain of the heart all he couldn’t fight though he stood with all his might, thunderous wind broke him apart while scattering all his dreams wide open in the park.

He wanted to stop and have a look back, just to gather the remains that are left in the wreak.

Then the clouds scattered and the sun showed up high, he rose from the ashes like a Phoenix in the sky.

Warmth of the wind eased up the pain, the hum drum of life bought him back from abysses of disdain.

Its the winter morning with the hazey sky, which started with a look of a star in your eye!

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