Lost World

Lost in the world of his which is far from the real land,

He smiles at morning sun while keeping himself to the distant fairy land.

Magic of those eyes is such he couldn’t do much but to get lost in those oceanic depths.

The world is small and the words are less to express the joy he carries in the tiny little heart.

The dreams were big but the hopes were small that doesn’t make that he give up on his world which is lost from all.

It was a thunder in the sky and it poured like hell that took away everything on which he used to dwell.

Despite all sorrows and pain in his heart he never gave up on the the lost world which made him stand apart.

His faith never moved his belief didn’t shake, he stood by the world which was perhaps fake.

Too many clauses restrict the flow he opened his hands against the nature and took the blow.

He was hurt with broken dreams, the dreams which once gave him wings. Like a fallen angel he made a fall but he never gave up on the world which was lost for all.

The night was tough the path was rough but he had the will to stand and walk up the hill. The journey was long with all the pains, he still stood by the world and never refrained.

The night went by the dawn broken down, the haze cleared and the snow melted down.

Flowers bloomed and the wind slowed down, he stood there with a smiling heart along with the world of his own.

She smiled at him with love in those eyes, he felt it all from the heart to the spine.

Thy incomparable beauty gave him all, he felt overwhelmed and forgot suffering of the night where he was stalled.

The lost world which he saved from all is now a reality which stands above all.

Laying in the couch he closed his eyes and got lost in the world where this serine beauty lies.

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