Poverty A Blessing In Disguise

Poverty is considered as one of the biggest curse that this world is fighting since ages. Billion’s of people are there in this world who are bound to live a life which is often perceived to be below the standards of living. There are people who fight with hunger every single day of there lives, there are people who fight for basic requirements like clean water, shelter and medical facilities. They live in all sort of miseries and on the top of that they are often looked down in the society of the rich and prosperous. we are so blinded that we even fail to recognize them as humans.

Now the question arises that despite all these problems and hardships how come poverty be a blessing. Well its all about the way we look at it, it’s only our perception that makes all the difference. we often relate poverty to lack of resources, facilities and other materialistic pursuits but we often fail to realise that when nature takes one thing from you it balances by giving something else. If it gives you hunger it also gives you strength to fight it, if it makes your life hard it also gives you the will to go on. Ignorance from society makes one more compassionate towards others, too many hardships makes one learn to enjoy small joys of life. It’s a wrong notion that we need money to successfully live a life but the truth is it’s love and compassion for the living beings that actually matters. Being poor doesn’t mean that he has chosen you to suffer but on the contrary he actually chose you to be a better human being than those who have access to all pleasures of life.

If he would have hated poors then he wouldn’t have himself taken birth in a poor family, he could have easily taken birth with all riches rather then the rags he was actually born into. Absence of money doesn’t makes one poor it’s actually the loss of humanity which brings one down. Money and prosperity divides the society it’s the love for people and humanity which is needed to make this world sustain for long. Being human is the biggest gift of the nature and it’s better that we remain this way rather then turning our back towards the one’s who require a little more help to sustain. Nobody is born poor we are all born rich, we are all born with the feelings of love, compassion and humanity and we move towards poverty when we start loosing them in wasteful pursuits. Poverty is a blessing which keeps your feet grounded and your mind away from materialism it actually makes you a better person who has a will to fight and a heart to love. It’s better to have less money and more love rather then a lot of money and no love.


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