The Voice

It shouted out loud but often got ignored,

It vouched for right when he was busy in daily chorus,

It tried to show him the way when there was darkness at his door,

It’s the inner voice which often got ignored.


He chose the riches over struggle for love,

He opted for comfort rather fight for unheard,

He lost to the beauty that was unreal,

the path he opted made him strike no deal.


It showed him the path even in his sleep,

But it’s his choices that left him barren with nothing to reap.

He applied his mind while ignoring thy cries,

It’s the inner voice that is often ignored even after numerous tries.


It’s the hunger for material that drove him insane,

He tried so hard to quench thy thirst but all in vain.

While illusion of the darkness was trying to surround,

It’s those voice that tried to help him but he ignored every sound.


Momentary pleasures brought all the crisis,

It’s the Ignorance that made him fall in abysses.

For the light of distant stars he ignored the closer moon,

When it grew dark he found no one to bring him home soon.


He started cursing when he met his fate,

But it’s all his choices that has brought him to this place.

It’s his conscious that stopped him every time,

Still he opted to move on while neglecting every sign.

It’s the inner voice which often got ignored.

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