The Art of Minimalism

In this world of riches every body seems to be making a run for accumulating things. Things to quench their unending thirst for pleasures of life. Though they end up owning more than they often require. we are never satisfied with what we have, some wants a bigger house, some latest mobile and some seek for better relationships. This trend has resulted in accumulation of too many resources with a few people, leaving  rest of the world fight for too few. This clearly creates an imbalance in the society leading towards agitation among people.

We must give it a thought while we make up our mind for buying a new thing. We must ask ourselves that do we really need it? This simple question might change your decision and stop you from going ahead. Even god gave us nothing when we were born except our parents and we are not going to take anything with us when we make our journey way back to him. Then why run the race which will never count because its bare minimum things that we require to live a happy life.

We must practice the art of minimalism which will make us live more with limited amount of resources. Carrying less baggage will make you live more. It the wrong path we have been walking on it actually leads nowhere except leaving us in despair. The quality of life improves once we settle for less and enjoy the space and time we save. An empty hand is far better than a closed fist because you can hold more hands when you are empty-handed. Perhaps this is the high time that we make a shift in our lives and utilize our time connecting to ourselves rather than wasting it in accumulating materialistic wastes. This hunger will lead us nowhere it’s better to make amends in our approach and start enjoying life more with people rather then wasting them on dead things.

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