Animal Vs Animal

They have walked this earth even before our ancestors were born. We are all successors of one of them, even our gene has originated from them. We used to live in harmony for years and it did made the earth sustain the balance in the ecosystem. But gradually our brain started to increase in size and we started to develop the sense of thinking and intelligence.

For once they had the strength to over power us but with our intelligence we developed ways to tame them and hunt as well. The space which we both shared once was taken up by us. The one who was animal once turned into human. They spread as algae on this earth while slowly consuming the resources. Our supremacy over everything increased gradually while our arrogance and self centeredness increased with the greater speed. For years this world saw harmony and love among all living beings with a few random clashes but since the evolution of modern human it has seen many wars. We seem to be too fascinated by power which has been more often than not the driving force to cause huge destruction. We have turned human from outside and more animalistic inside. Too many resources stocked up with too few people has made the world worst as a lot of living beings are fighting for too few resources that are available to them. We have encroached the space of animals and now they are finding it too hard to sustain, many species have lost to this evolution and many are on the verge of losing the fight. We being the most capable species should have nurtured the rest instead we are slowly eliminating them.

It’s the animal of the inside which is consuming us, which is killing the human and nurturing the devil inside. It’s on us what we choose to become , to stay human or be worst than an animal. It’s a fight which is not supposed to be fought outside it’s actually a duel between the animal and the human inside. Stay your ground with firm belief and never give in to those powers which try to stray you from your course. Always stay connected to reality that you are born to be human not animal , you are born to fight for the weak. It’s not the animal that is outside is your enemy it’s the animal with in that you need to tame.


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