A soldier

He was born in a normal family consisting of mother, father and couple of siblings. He grew up among us as a normal child, played with us, shared our childhood memories. We used to share our lunch with him and spent our golden memories together. But when it came about choosing a career we opted to become engineers, doctors, artists and he chose to be a solider. We all laughed at him at his choice and tried to scare him by upcoming hardships of live. Though somewhere inside we always knew he is different from us as he made a choice which we perhaps couldn’t even think of. He now belongs to a different league all together.

He toiled really hard in his upcoming years. Lived a life which we can not even dream of, exhausted his mind and body daily to achieve small victories over his fear. It’s not like that he was not afraid but he learnt how to conquer his fear. Despite all this he always had us in his mind as his source of power and encouragement. Some of us left the country and some got good 9 to 5 job and felt secure about it. He chose to stay with the country and serve it 24×7 so that people like us keep feeling secured about their lives. His family was away, his friends were not with him but still he persisted on the path with unprecedented difficulties. It was not only love for family but also a sense of commitment that he made to his nation enabled him to take up those uphill tasks. Not only him but also his family made that ultimate sacrifice. They missed him during festivals, moment of happiness or any moment of sorrow. Too many things went unshared and unsaid it just a wait that always did surround.

When the day came he made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down his life for his family, friends and the faith that he hold while walking on that path. he vanished like a shooting star while leaving a tale by which we all will live by. He came wrapped up in the national flag and had guns blazing with all the respect.

What he did was only for us and all he wanted a salute of respect,

I bow down to those who laid there lives, 

They are the brothers which were never insight,

We never played, we never met but I am thankful to them as far as it gets.

He took those bullets in his chest, so that we can sleep and take rest,

It’s only respect which they strive for , 

all I can do is to salute for which they died for.

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