The World of Prostitutes

This world which is surrounded by materialism, power and insanity also has a different world which survives in the dark shadows of all these magnanimous words. A world driven by lust, a world driven by hunger for flesh and pleasures. We all know about it but still we tend to ignore its presence , we often overlook the fact that real people are involved in this trade of flesh which are being often objectified in the society. There existence lies in those darkest corners where light would seldom reach. This is the world where preaching of Buddha and Jesus coexists with anti theories of the same.

The so-called society of ours neglects or in other words intentionally overlook the presence of people who are subjected to this slavery. We are the society of people who sees women as sex object but we fail to admit this fact instead we try to cover up by hypocrisy. We being too Perfectionist fail to accept the imperfections present and more over hardly make any real effort to improve the situation of those who are suffering. We are not only blinded by glitters of money but also insanely driven by lust and physical desires. Those who have been subjected to misery of being objectified suffers physically, mentally and also faces social dejection. The beauty which is personified in poetic verses often gets mutilated and is torn apart in the plain sight of ours. Some do it for money and some are forcefully driven to do it, despite all their effort they fail to attain a respected place in the society. We fail to realize that we all are one of them as we try to sell one thing or another for money or any other endeavor of ours. This male dominated world simply fails to accept the existence of those women who serve their lust for flesh. Our insensitivity towards this section of society has only added salt to there wounds. This age-old custom of molestation and mental trauma is the dark reality of our world which needs to be dealt with a lot of cautiousness and compassion.

There had been many great thinkers who have tried to evolve the world by providing the framework and path to follow which can lead us towards progress and save us from pitfalls. But it’s an individual’s choice to what to do and what not to do. Thus the responsibility lies on our shoulders to hold the hands of those who are suffering and enrich them with love, compassion and equality in this society. We have to open our hearts for those who have been suffering in dark and lead them towards light where they can see hope. It’s only hope that can keep this world together. Thus it’s our combined responsibility to keep the hope alive for those who have virtually lost it amidst the miseries they have been subjected to.


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