He fell to the ground with blood spilled around,

His soul left the body and saw it laying with lots of wounds.

In the wake of the night he gave up the fight,

He fell into the trap which ended all hopes for light.

The pearl of the eye fell of the sky,

It gave in to pressure without having tried.

The age of joy ended in a moment,

All what is left were the remains of those sentiments.

The dreams that shattered perhaps will never be replaced,

It was a decision which was made in haste.

Those wrinkled eyes kept glued at the doors,

They never realized that he left them for ever in this world to remorse.

He gave in to the pressure of this materialistic world,

He forgot to realize that he was not there to be part of the hoard.

The fear of failure got better of him,

he jumped in abyss less than a moment an eye can blink.

She wished if he could have held her a little bit longer,

She wanted him to be familiar rather than die as a stranger.

He must have held her a little bit tight,

It’s the darkness of life which always ends up in light.

Hope is not only a word but also a string of life,

When ever its tough to go on it is needed to be held more tight.

She wished if he could have waited a little more,

As there was glory for him in the store.

It’s not the darkness that killed him that night,

It was only his vision which failed to see the distant light.


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