Wild Night

It was the moment of joy when she used to look at him the way that he used to enjoy.

It’s the wilderness of the night that brought thy dreams together creating a scean that was better than ever.

They lost to the beauty of that moment for ever,

it got tough for him to come out from the aura of thy night of his surrender.

It was the time when moon used to shine, which went by as fast as a poetic rhyme.

The story of that night often went untold, perhaps because it had too many folds.

Chill of the wind ran through his spine, but its the touch of those lips that made him fine.

That sleepless night turned the tide, the strangers of ever now tied in the bond for life.

Time went like sand from hands, it grew bright as a football stand.

The night changed the things for better, those who were strangers are now together for ever.

Such is the wilderness of that night, the strangers of once are now partners for life.


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