Money Matters

When Galileo Galilei made the discovery, the world used to be round and he was prisoned for believing in the fact which was against the misconception of world being flat. But over the years this misconception has been proved correct again and again. The world is no longer round its round and flat like a coin.

It has lost its identity to a new world called money. As now a days everything seems to revolve around it, higher the amount you have bigger the hoard of people revolving around you. Perhaps we often fail to realism the fact that its money which is attracting world now a days. We seems to be enslaved by the hunger of acquiring more rather than being content with what we have. Our eyes have become delusionalised by the glitters of money due to which it fails to see the reality often. Most of the  relationships are driven by money rather then love and affection. World is so material driven now a days that it has lost the track of real values that were incorporated since the inception of the same. We are more successful, more established and more prosperous now a days. Despite all these we are lonely and more dissatisfied now. The thirst for more has driven us crazy, world has been insanely running the race which would seldom have an end.

We are paying a huge price for running this rat race. We often sacrifice everything important to materialize the dream of a richer tomorrow. But we fail to realize that it’s not the money which is going to stay with you its real people who do so. We can not talk, share or love money it require humans, but while in our materialistic pursuits we end up losing them mid way or fail to realise their importance at the right time. It’s high time that we behave like real humans and value relationship rather than glitters of money else that day is not far when it would be impossible to build bridges and connect with one another.


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