Being Helpless

We define our life by the choices that we have made over a period of time. Some choices are logical some are not but what ever we choose it surely have its lasting effects on our lives. People are often being taught to be logically correct and that logic is always dependent on the understanding of those who have drawn a line between logical and illogical. Some where in between all this we fail to realize that we have lost the choice of choosing and we end up with only a few options while neglecting the other ones.

There is an astound fear of loosing which keeps us away from amending our decisions. We care too much about rest of the world before taking any decision. At times it happens that our choices are not right and we must always remember that mistakes can always be corrected. We as humans are bound to make mistakes that’s the only way we learn about life. A man is not only defined by the choices he has made but also by how soon he has corrected his bad choices. There is no point being victim of your own choices because there’s always a way that you can correct them. Even a murderer gets peace once he accept his crime and repent for the same. We must not be scared to admit the mistake and correct it as there is always a choice in life. Being suppressed by our own mistakes is the worst that we can treat ourselves. People often feel helpless and seek approval of others while making any decision. Though we often fail to realize the fact that one can see as far as one can think, its only a matter of perception. So those who disapprove of you might not see as far as you can. So no point seeking approval its only about following your instincts and correcting ones mistakes.

There will always be second thoughts and different opinions but its on you to choose. Following ones heart and making his own choices doesn’t makes him a rebel but its the only way to learn about life. We have to understand that we are social animal but we live an individual life. There are no rights and wrongs its just perspectives. Stop being victimized by your own choices and shift the moment you feel that you have made a wrong one. Being called a rebel is far better than being helpless and lonely.


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