The War of Perspectives

Now a days it seems that world is virtually at war as there are scenes of unrest and violence here and there. It seems that world has lost the sense of harmony and love. The whole logic of inception of this world has been defied the moment we started to gain intelligence. It has always been a place of different thoughts and faiths but off late we have failed to realize this simple fact.

Despite being endowed with a very functional brain we as humans have failed to keep up with the real spirit of this world. There are wars and clashes only because of difference in our thoughts and perspectives. It’s not the people who are fighting here its their different faiths and perspectives that are causing such bloodshed. The real meaning of being human is somewhere lost between these fights of proving oneself superior to other. We all talk of equality but in there in our hearts every one is partial. Leave equality, the justice which we often boast of is a meager representation of one’s perspective of justice. So even justice is not justified always.

A lot of damage has already been done but still there are few who are still carrying the baton of peace. We must realize our mistakes and correct them before the conditions get worse. Slight change in approach can do a lot of good. The day we are able to accommodate different perspectives in this world together we will only move in one direction of growth. Let us unite and be one again and make the world same as it was once before.

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