In this era of competition, success and failures there exists a race of people who have not been able to make a stand of their own on those particular parameters. The people who have faced more failures than success, who have fallen more than anybody else in the world. At times this constant failure and rejection pushes them in dungeons of darkness with a little or no hope. A sense of hopelessness and denial haunts them which leads to the state of depression.

Life is not a fairy tale for all of us, at times it gets hard for no reasons for some of us. It depends on one how he faces the tough scenarios. Some give up without fighting and some fight too hard to sustain. But at times constant failures and fighting for a prolonged period can leave one drained of energy. This drained energy phase is followed up by an emptiness within, which is the worst state for one to be in. Even the most die-hard men get blank when that phase of emptiness hits them. It’s natural to be depressed and feel bad about somethings but when this phase sustains for a longer period it turns into depression. When we try to dig deeper for the reason behind depression we find that its often the scenarios that are being created by one’s own mind. As we often say that the biggest devil on earth is human mind as it can create a world of its own thus we have to learn how to control it. But at times the situations outside tends to affect us so much that giving up seems to be an easier option. The ratings of people on the scale of success and failures has been the root cause of people being depressed.

We often fail to realize our actual state because we are less connected to ourselves now a days. While competing in this world at times we get too hard on ourselves while pushing too hard to reach to the top and when the efforts go in vain it leave us all drained and disappointed. It is OK to be depressed at times as one can not be happy always but it takes a lot to beat that feeling and to recover oneself from there. It is easy succumb to the darkness but its tough to rise from it. Clarity of thoughts and vision will help to beat the miseries of life. The state of depression can only be fought with determination and hope. Its perfectly fine to be depressed but its not fine to be hopeless.


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