The Tears of Devil

In the brightest days and darkest nights, He walked thy road without any fright.

From the dungeons of hell to the bottom of abyss, he is the ruler of all the crisis.

He was son of the father who gave birth to the Christ, still he chose thy path which was away from the right.

He didn’t choose to be outcast or stay away from the light, but his hatred for himself fueled that evil might.

His hunger for love grew in huge proposition, but thy ignored by all gave into evil’s disposition.

Once the son of god is now called the devil, all he could do is to keep up to his name and be more evil.

The world looked at the darker side of the dark, they hated the devil and loved all his counter parts.

Its not the devil never had the heart but thy people didn’t had the vision to just look beyond the dark.

He was stabbed in his heart when he was too young, a kid was thrown into abyss away from the morning sun.

In the hell he dwell as the king of the dead, he had no place for emotions or the feelings unsaid.

Nobody had the key to the devil’s heart, but thy hatred of the world still pierce him like a dart.

It takes a lot to attain the devil’s love, but a lot is at stake when one choose to love him and expect nothing at all.

Even a man of that demeanor can shed a tear, all it takes a true heart filled with love not fear.

Tears of the devil is like the gold dust, even in the evil there are signs of goodness and trust.

He is the king of hell and the dungeons of abyss, all he need is love in the eyes of the world to blow away thy internal crisis.


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